Diaspora Experiences

Adrian Hughes: Seeing clearly, a diaspora experience

Fortune strikes en route to a Belfast for Life event in London. The Stansted Express raced towards London while outside the last rays of the November sunlight twisted and turned but couldn’t escape the cloak of darkness as night descended. The scene outside mirrored my own internal thoughts; I too seemed to be speeding towards […]

07:44 25/06/2019

Re-Locator Experience Charlotte McAfee

I love driving home from work to see the sea and the Mourne Mountains ahead of me. Charlotte McAfee —– In the last year and a half I have lived and worked in four different cities in three different UK jurisdictions. I am originally from Dunblane in Scotland, and until I left home for University, […]

13:10 14/05/2019

Andrew Murphy

A Re-Locator’s Story – Andrew Murphy Moving back to where you grew up tends to be easier than moving away Truthfully, I loved living in London, the fast pace of life and business suited me and there was never a shortage of social events to partake in. However, there were disadvantages. The biggest negative was […]

11:53 21/01/2019

Bringing Talent Home

Belfast for Life: Bringing Talent Home A successful campaign led by Belfast for Life  has seen dozens of professionals with much in demand skills come to Northern Ireland after working abroad and take up jobs.  This article profiles some of those who have brought their talent home. Local NI recruitment consultancy Abacus has recently achieved […]

15:33 16/01/2018

John Lavery

Diaspora Experience: John Lavery Deciding to move and the date of moving; a period of ‘will we, won’t we?’ There is an uneasy feeling we as people get during the period between making a decision and the point where we realise whether or not it was the right decision. This is a feeling that anyone who […]

11:55 15/01/2018

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